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Intuitive user interface

  • Easy to learn, easy to use!


  • With live update
  • No need to fight through menus or to wait for the screen to update!

Built to fit YOUR needs!

Powerfull features:
  • Available in English and German
  • Full undo/redo functionality
  • DXF, SCAD, PDF, NGC/NC (G-Code), and HOW export
  • Try before you buy!

Huge Airfoil List

  • Integration with Airfoil Investigation Database
  • Over 1500 different "real-life" airfoils with data included!
  • Interpolation of additional airfoils over wing panels
  • Function to import and modify additional airfoils

Error detection mechanisms

  • Live plausibility checks for the entered data - see typos as soon as they happen!

Runs Everywhere!

Wing Helper runs on all popular operating systems:
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux
  • Microsoft Windows

1.7.0 Beta 3 is released!

We are happy to announce the first public beta version of the upcoming Wing Helper 1.7.0! 

In this beta test phase, we are seeking to find - with your help - and fix the last remaining bugs and issues before the final official 1.7.0 is released.

Version 1.7.0 Beta 3 can read the files created with previous official versions. The Alpha Test Team already did a great job in making sure that this version is working correctly. However, Beta versions are still in the testing phase, meaning that they still can exhibit unwanted or unexpected behavior. Please be advised to treat this version with caution and to back up your existing designs before working on them with any Beta version, including this one.

This version introduces the following new functions and fixes the following issues reported with Wing Helper 1.6.0:

  • HOT: The option for bulk licensing over the internet is now available. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details in case you are interested in a bulk/volume license
  • Registration data dialog updated
  • NGC Export: job settings are now also saved into the WHF file
  • Improved presentation of the main screen on 4K monitors
  • MacOS: display of values in inch fixed
  • MacOS: error with the code signing fixed - Wing Helper is now also working outside of the DMG container
  • Display of the latest news about Wing Helper upon start implemented (preparation work for Wing Helper 2.0)
  • The rib table is now also showing the height of the ribs
  • NGC export: the file name used for the first export was used for all subsequent exports
  • "Help" menu renamed to "Info"
  • Version check completely re-worked (preparation work for Wing Helper 2.0)

As always, 1.7.0 Beta 3 can be downloaded for free from here. If you already have a valid Wing Helper license, you will be able to work with 1.7.0 Beta 3 as if it were an official final release. If you don't own a Wing Helper license yet, you will see the same restrictions with respect to export (DXF, SCAD, PDF, NGC, HOW) as with any officially released version.

This beta version is valid until June 15th, 2023. At latest at that date, it will be replaced by either a new beta version, or by the official version 1.7.0, depending on the findings and your feedback.


Kind regards,

Aleksandar Pozgaj

Wing Helper e.U.