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Intuitive user interface

  • Easy to learn, easy to use!


  • With live update
  • No need to fight through menus or to wait for the screen to update!

Built to fit YOUR needs!

Powerfull features:
  • Available in English and German
  • Full undo/redo functionality
  • DXF, SCAD, PDF, NGC/NC (G-Code), and HOW export
  • Try before you buy!

Huge Airfoil List

  • Integration with Airfoil Investigation Database
  • Over 1500 different "real-life" airfoils with data included!
  • Interpolation of additional airfoils over wing panels
  • Function to import and modify additional airfoils

Error detection mechanisms

  • Live plausibility checks for the entered data - see typos as soon as they happen!

Runs Everywhere!

Wing Helper runs on all popular operating systems:
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux
  • Microsoft Windows

Wing Helper 1.4.0 is released!

main window en raw


We are happy to announce that Wing Helper 1.4.0 is now officially released! Many thanks to all who participated in the test phase, it was a great job!

Version 1.4.0 can read the files created with previous official versions. Due to a change in the file format, the older versions of Wing Helper will not be able to read files saved with 1.4.0 (or newer)! For that reason, we strongly suggest that you always store away your existing designs before working on them with a newer version. By doing so, you keep the option to step back to the previous Wing Helper version if you wish to or if a need arises.

1.4.0 introduces a great variety of exciting new features. In order to enable this, we had to re-work many program internals, changing quite a few of existing methods and algorithms. Please make sure to double-check your existing designs after moving to Wing Helper 1.4.0 - it could be, that some settings will need a bit of fine-tuning.

Last but not least, here is the list of the most important additions and changes implemented in 1.4.0:

  • HOT: Generation of lightening holes in ribs
  • HOT: Automatic generation of ailerons (new spar type "Aileron Cutter (simple)")
  • HOT: Graphical Airfoil Designer and Manager
  • HOT: 3D export in SCAD format (see
  • HOT: ICE Export (G-Code for styrofoam cutting machines)
  • Visibility control added to ribs and sheeting strips (context menu in the rib table)
  • When changing the thickness of the last rib, its' position is now automatically adjusted
  • Scaling of the background image in wingform editor can now also be done based on a measurement (context menu in the planform editor)
  • Airfoil import: added option to smooth-out the nose portion of the airfoil
  • Airfoil spanning implemented (Edit->Airfoil Spanning)
  • Right-click now opens a spar resp. sheeting strip pop-up menu also if one doesn't click directly on an already existing spar or sheeting strip
  • Option added to also include full, un-altered ribs in the DXF file (useful for "facing ribs")
  • "Help -> About Wing Helper" now also presents the system information which can be included in error reports
  • Building tabs: width is now separately adjustable for fore and aft tabs
  • Building tabs: placement of the building tabs now also possible as percentage of the rib length
  • Building tabs: now also with "holes", for easier removal
  • Added an option to distribute ribs in a more flexible way (right-click on the rib in the rib table)
  • 3D View can now be paned also by pressing the middle mouse button (wheel) or by simultaneously pressing left and right mouse buttons
  • Additional option for the main wing view: Show Dihedral
  • Improved spar output in DXF and PDF
  • New option "Real Width" for some spars (important for strongly angled spars)
  • New option "Flat" for rectangular spars
  • New option "Separate End Height" for rectangular spars
  • Countless further improvements, optimisations and bug fixes!

Further notices:

  • Sheeting option "Standard" is marked obsolete. You can still use it, and you will get a warning when opening a file using that option, but you might expect issues with non-trapezoid wings. Please use "Advanced" sheeting instead
  • Version 1.4.0 introduces a huge amount of changes and improvements, some of them profoundly affecting the existing functionality. Please double-check your designs made with older versions for eventual issues or deviations

This version can be freely downloaded from our home page. If you already have a valid Wing Helper license, this license is also valid for 1.4.0. If you don't own a Wing Helper license yet, and if you are installing the Wing Helper for the first time, you will get the full functionality for one week after the installation. After the test period has expired, DXF, PDF, ICE and SCAD export will be de-activated until you purchase a license. The rest of the functionality will remain unaffected.


We wish you many pleasant hours with Wing Helper!


Aleksandar Pozgaj

Wing Helper e.U.