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Future Extensions / Roadmap

The table below represents the list of already planned future extensions, together with the rough estimation of the program version to include them. The most of the extensions and functions shown here are the input from the community - beta testers, users, and internet forum members. We are looking forward to hearing about your wishes and ideas too!

This table comprises only the most important changes and extensions. Each version comes with a multitude of additional important improvements and fixes to simplify your design process. An upgrade to a newer version always pays off, even if you don't find anything of direct interest to you in this table.


checkbox checked Ticked items are already implemented and released.


 Candidate for  
Description  1.0*
DXF Export checkbox checked            
Airfoil interpolation checkbox checked        
Building tabs in DXF export checkbox checked            
Stencil / mask for checking the LE checkbox checked        
DXF export for webbing checkbox checked            
Import additional airfoils (with simple editing functionality) checkbox checked            
Standard zoom / position options (left / right / top) checkbox checked            
More freedom in positioning of the spars (e.g. separate beginning and end positions) checkbox checked            
Improved / Advanced sheeting options (partial sheeting: only above / only below) checkbox checked            
Background grid in 3D view (orientation help) checkbox checked            
Draw distance ticks on axes checkbox checked        
Add tooltips (help texts) for all fields in "Panel Dialog" checkbox checked        
Definition of joining tubes and twist lock checkbox checked            
Add support for COR files (airfoil format)   checkbox checked          
Advanced options for sheeting   checkbox checked          
Improve the 3D view control   checkbox checked          
Cap strips   checkbox checked          
Data presentation also in inch (in addition to millimeter)   checkbox checked          
Consider the dihedral in the panel edit dialog   checkbox checked          
Rib comb     checkbox checked        
Automatic alignment of spars over multiple panels (including joiners, also considering dihedral)     checkbox checked        
2D rib preview can be detached and freely positioned on the screen in addition to the 3D view     checkbox checked        
Filtering option for airfoils     checkbox checked        
Rib list can be detached and freely positioned on the screen in addition to the 3D view     checkbox checked        
Free placement of building tabs within a panel (with preview)     checkbox checked        
Spar placement at the max. rib thickness      checkbox checked        
Wing forms other than trapezoid       checkbox checked      
"Measure Distance" tool (2D Rib View and 2D Wing View)       checkbox checked      
Background image as design guideline       checkbox checked      
DXF export for the entire wing       checkbox checked      
User-defined colors for various wing elements       checkbox checked      
Automatic check for new version       checkbox checked      
G-Code export for hot-wire cutters (HOW format for the program ICE)         checkbox checked    
3D export of the defined wing (OpenSCAD)         checkbox checked    
Define own airfoils (airfoil import, editing, creation of new airfoils)         checkbox checked    
Add support for automatic generation of ailerons         checkbox checked    
Lightening holes in the ribs         checkbox checked    
Airfoil spanning over multiple panels         checkbox checked    
Extension of the G-Code export for hot-wire cutters (NC format)           checkbox checked  
Half-ribs           checkbox checked  
Improvement of the support for non-standard leading edges           checkbox checked  
K-Form aileron cutters           checkbox checked  
Add parallel projection viewing mode as an option           checkbox checked  
DXF parts for the "shipway"           checkbox checked  
"Favourite airfoils" list             checkbox empty
Servo bays             checkbox empty
Support for dimensioning / investigation of airworthiness / airplane configuration (prerequisite: horizontal / vertical stabilizers, at least basic fuselage support)             checkbox empty
Horizontal / Vertical Stabilizers             checkbox empty
Fuselage              checkbox empty
Round wing tip generator             checkbox empty

Moulds for CFK / GFK building

            checkbox empty

(*) Please note, that the schedule for the version line 2.x is not yet defined. The list of functionalities foreseen for the 1.x line is long and it's growing steadily, therefore it is currently not possible to say when the development of the 2.x line is going to start.