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Data Protection Statement (GDPR)

Introduction by Aleksandar Pozgaj (Wing Helper e.U.)

I am a software developer and not a lawyer. Even lawyers are overwhelmed with the current version of the GDPR and do not know exactly how to deal with it. This privacy policy (link to be found below) has been kindly provided by the automatic generator implemented by Mr. RA Dr. Thomas Schwenke and - I hope - covers all aspects that are required by the law.

Before we come to that, here is my personal statement on this topic.

I hereby assure not to misuse your data for any purposes not obvious at the point in time you provided it, to take good care of it, and not to pass it on to third parties. Specifically, this is about data that:

  • you specify when purchasing Wing Helper, including the generated license key, and
  • you used if you registered for the Wing Helper Forum.

This data is required to guarantee a functioning forum, as well as to allow me to provide you with the support e.g. in case you lose your license data. If you do not want to entrust me with this data, I can and will gladly delete it, but in that case, I will unfortunately not be able to continue to provide proper support, because I will lack the necessary prerequisite.

Furthermore, I hereby assure that I have done my best to ensure that no "hidden violations" will happen:

  • I do not use Google Analytics or Facebook "Like" or "Share" buttons
  • The link to the YouTube video with the Wing Helper Tutorial is done via the "nocookies" link, i.e. YouTube does not get any information about which site you came from
  • I use the "Cookie Manager", provided by the the company Folcomedia, which should block all cookies, as long as you have not explicitly consented to the use (A word of caution: I could see no negative impact on the WIng Helper page with cookies disabled. However, if the site is not functioning properly for you, please try enabling cookies and giving it another try. I do not knowingly use cookies on this site, but I can not rule out that the used CMS system Joomla, or one of the plugins belonging to it, needs them for technical reasons)
  • The hosting company used by Wing Helper e.U. is World4You, which is based in Austria and therefore bound to GDPR

I would also like to remind you that the purchase process is not handled directly through Wing Helper e.U. but via the US-based service provider (with an additional branch in Netherland) called Fast Spring ( instead, who acts as a reseller. Fast Spring is a leading company in the field of world-wide software sales via the Internet. Nevertheless, it is important to know, that the sales contract is not between Wing Helper e.U. and the buyer, but between the buyer and Fast Spring. Fast Spring has plausibly assured, that they are compliant with the EU data protection laws, however I can not be held responsible or guarantee the compliance on the part of Fast Spring. If you have any concerns, please contact Fast Spring directly.

The reason why the sale is handled through Fast Spring is simple: under another EU regulation, VAT is payable in the country where the buyer lives, according to the criteria, laws, and tariffs of that country. For a small business like mine, this regulation is virtually impossible to implement, so employing a specialized third party is the only option available.

I hope that I have managed to provide you all the information you were looking for. Now to the computer-aided generated legal part. This text is highly "legalese", and until I find a proper generator for the english language, I can only offer you a link to the German statement. Please use Google Translate to get a (hopefully plausible) translation into your preferred language:

Data Protection Statement (German)