85% Bridi UFO

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85% Bridi UFO

Post by SLabuta » Thu 11. Apr 2019, 14:38

My 85% Bridi UFO. Created the wings, wing tips, rudder, elevator and their tips in WingHelper 1.5 Took advantage of most of the new features, like 1/2 ribs, "K" aileron cutter, the new leading edge cutting options... Basically the shape from the Bridi plans with my structure design. Now electric and a taildragger. 4S Lipo setup at about 750 watts peak. AUW is about 4.5 lbs (2 kg). Wing span is 55 in (140 cm)

The design was sent out to be laser cut. I built it over a printout of the PDF output. Everything fit well and matched the printed plans. Perfect!
HalfWing.jpg (131.61 KiB) Viewed 1555 times
See the link below for some detailed pictures.


Steve Labuta

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Re: 85% Bridi UFO

Post by alex.pozgaj » Sat 13. Apr 2019, 09:05

Looks great Steve! :)

Best regards,

Aleksandar Pozgaj
Wing Helper e.U.

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