1.5.0 Beta 2 is released!

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1.5.0 Beta 2 is released!

Post by alex.pozgaj » Sun 30. Dec 2018, 14:52

We are happy to announce the second public beta version of the upcoming Wing Helper 1.5.0! This version introduces the following new functions and fixes the following issues reported with Beta 1:
  • HOT: Definition of "Shipway" implemented
  • Crash due to invalid position of the rib cutter fixed in DXF and PDF export
  • DXF export: fix for rib comb and aileron DXF export when used together with half-rib cutter
  • NGC export: don't pause when returning from cutting an inner spar
  • NGC export: the panel currently selected in the panel table is now also pre-selected for NGC export
  • NGC export: error handling improved
  • NGC export: two options added for improved compatibility to back-end programs
  • Minor fix in the 2D rib view
  • Helper picture for sheeting: german translation fixed
  • A few typos fixed
  • Minor fix for ICE export
Please make sure to also read the announcement for the Beta 1, especially the warning about the nature and potential shortcomings of beta versions. As always, Beta 2 can be downloaded here.

Many thanks to all of you who participated in the Beta program so far!

Best regards,

Aleksandar Pozgaj
Wing Helper e.U.

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