Wing Helper 1.3.0 Released!

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Wing Helper 1.3.0 Released!

Post by alex.pozgaj » Sun 26. Feb 2017, 10:06

We are happy to announce that the Wing Helper 1.3.0 is officially released! Many thanks to all who participated in the test phase, it was a great job!

Version 1.3.0 can read the files created with previous official versions. Due to a change in the file format, the older versions of Wing Helper will not be able to read files saved with 1.3.0 (or newer)! For that reason, we strongly suggest that you always store away your existing designs before working on them with a newer version. By doing so, you keep the option to step back to the previous Wing Helper version if you wish to or if a need arises.

1.3.0 introduces a great variety of exciting new features, most notably the support for non-trapezoid wing forms. In order to enable this, we had to re-work many program internals, changing quite a few of existing methods and algorithms. Please make sure to double-check your existing designs after moving to Wing Helper 1.3.0 - it could be, that some settings will need a bit of fine-tuning.

The most important additions and changes implemented in this version are:
  • HOT: Support for non-trapezoid wings added (new tab "Planform" in the main window). Mouse right-click activates the corresponding pop-up menu
  • HOT: "Measure Distance" tool implemented in the 2D Rib View. Mouse right-click activates the corresponding pop-up menu
  • HOT: Possibility to load a background image as a guidance for wing creation (see "Planform" tab mentioned above)
  • HOT: Joiners now also working between outer panels
  • HOT: Tutorial videos with audio commentary
  • DXF export for the entire wing added
  • 2D rib view is now using a newly implemented "CAD Widget" view, providing the ruler. To pan the view, you now have to press and hold the "Shift" key, like in the 3D view window
  • Spars, sheeting strips, and rib combs can now be assigned any colour you prefer, except black (used for internal purposes) or white (special meaning: "revert to default")
  • New file format (V2). This means, 1.3.0 can read old files, but if you save something with 1.3.0, you won't be able to read it with earlier versions!
  • If "PDF Export" or "DXF Export" was called right after the first start of the program, the program erroneously reported that the test period is already exceeded
  • Twist can now also be specified at the root of the panel. When loading existing designs, twist is automatically propagated along the wing to account for this change
  • Fix for inconsistent handling of cube spars. If you are using cube spars, please double-check them in your existing designs
  • Check upon the start of the program whether there is a newer version available
  • 3D Panel View can now also be teared-off from its' original position
  • Root/Tip twist now allowed in a range +/- 21 degrees
  • Twist is now also correctly considered in the PDF and DXF output of the entire wing
  • Rectangular spar: option "Adjustment" added. If you wish to make a spar narrower, please enter a negative value here
  • Additional option for the rib comb height added: "Leveled". If you select it, the comb will extend as far as building tabs plus the value you specify. The root/tip twist modification plus this modification make it possible to align the combs belonging to different panels
  • "Align comb" implemented
  • Building tabs enriched with parameters "Fore", "Aft", and "Length"
  • Menu option for increasing precision in the leading edge area added
  • Cube spar: rotation can now also be specified as a decimal number
  • Zoom function in 2D views improved (keeps the view at the mouse pointer location)
  • New panel parameter: "Make TE straight"
  • Many important bug fixes and additional minor improvements!
Further notices:
  • Sheeting option "Standard" is marked obsolete. You can still use it, and you will get a warning when opening a file using that option, but you might expect issues with non-trapezoid wings. Please use "Advanced" sheeting instead
  • Version 1.3.0 introduces a huge amount of changes and improvements, some of them profoundly affecting the existing functionality. Please double-check your designs made with older versions for eventual issues or deviations
As always, this version can be freely downloaded and installed from our download page. If you already have a valid Wing Helper license, this license is valid also for 1.3.0. You can find the documentation and video tutorials for 1.3.0 on our documentation page.

We wish you many pleasant hours with Wing Helper!

Aleksandar Pozgaj

Wing Helper e.U.
Aleksandar Pozgaj
Wing Helper e.U.

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