Wing Helper 1.3.0 Beta 7 Released

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Wing Helper 1.3.0 Beta 7 Released

Post by alex.pozgaj » Sun 22. Jan 2017, 21:43

Dear friends of Wing Helper,

We are happy to announce the third public beta version of the upcoming Wing Helper 1.3.0! Our Alpha Team already did a great job in making sure that this version is working correctly. In this beta test phase, we are looking forward to finding - with your help - and fixing the last remaining bugs and issues. Please note, that beta versions 4-6 were internal versions, which were not released.

Please make sure to read the announcement of 1.3.0 Beta 3 first.

The changes introduced with 1.3.0 Beta 7 are:
  • Zoom function in 2D views improved (keeps the view at the mouse pointer location)
  • Placement of spars in DXF / PDF output correctly respecting twist
  • "Place spar to max. thickness" now also working when the spar is defined from the trailing edge
  • File name also suggested as DXF and PDF output file name
  • Twist fixed for non-trapezoid wings (center of rotation is now on the line connecting the tips of the root and tip rib)
  • New panel parameter: "Make TE straight"
  • Automatic file extension for PDF files fixed
  • Round und cuboid spars: added parameter "Follow leading edge"
  • Rib ends were sometimes warped when the sheeting extended until the end of the rib (cosmetic improvement)
This version can be freely downloaded and installed. If you already have a valid Wing Helper license, you will be able to work with 1.3.0 Beta 7 as if it were an official final release. If you don't own a Wing Helper license yet, you will see the same restrictions with respect to DXF and PDF export as with any officially released version.

This beta version is valid until 2017/02/28. At latest at that date, it will be replaced by either a new beta version, or by the official version 1.3.0, depending on the findings.

Best regards,

Aleksandar Pozgaj
Aleksandar Pozgaj
Wing Helper e.U.

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