On the way to 1.3.0 - Current Status

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On the way to 1.3.0 - Current Status

Post by alex.pozgaj » Wed 23. Nov 2016, 17:13

Dear Wing Helper Community,

Here is a short overview of the current status of the Wing Helper development activities. If all goes according to the plan, and if Wing Helper test team and the WH community stop making me add more and more functions :), I expect to release the beta version of 1.3.0 before the end of this year.

We are currently working on the elliptic planforms (see picture below). The work is proceeding very good, we are at Version "Alpha 12", with the following improvements and new functionality already implemented (excerpt from the development release notes):

1.3.0 ALPHA 1:

- Error in automatic spar alignment when spar position is defined as "distance from TE" fixed (released also in 1.2.1)

1.3.0 ALPHA 2:

- Internal rework of the 2D widget, preparation work for elliptical wing forms
- Fix for a minor bug

1.3.0 ALPHA 3:

- Spar angles were not calculated correctly (also released in 1.2.2)
- 2D rib view is now using a newly implemented "CAD Widget" view, providing the ruler. To pan the view, you now have to press and hold the "Shift" key, like in the 3D view window

1.3.0 ALPHA 4:

- Check upon the start of the program whether there is a newer version available.
- Upon first start of a newly installed program version, the change log is presented.
- Bug fixes

1.3.0 ALPHA 5:

- A first version of the "Measure Distance" tool implemented in the 2D rib view. See this (a bit outdated and in German, but you'll get the idea) video for demonstration:


1.3.0 ALPHA 6:

- Improvements for the "Measure Distance" tool: Object Snap implemented.
- 3D Panel View can now also be teared-off
- Spars, sheeting strips, and rib combs can now be assigned specific colors, except black (used for internal purposes) or white (special meaning: "revert to default"). See attached screenshot (in German)

1.3.0 ALPHA 7:

- Fix for inconsistent handling of cube spars. If you are using cube spars, please double-check them in your existing designs.

1.3.0 ALPHA 8:

- Twist can now also be specified at the root of the panel. When loading existing designs, twist is automatically propagated along the wing.
- New file format (V2). This means, 1.3.0 can read old files, but if you save something with 1.3.0, you won't be able to read it with earlier versions!
- Root / Tip twist now allowed in a range +/- 21 degrees
- Bug fix as released in 1.2.3

1.3.0 ALPHA 9:

- Important bug fix in the area of DXF export (potential crash)

1.3.0 ALPHA 10:

- Twist now also correctly considered in the PDF output of the entire wing. Positions of LE, TE, ribs, and markers for building tabs are OK. Spars not yet checked for correctness!
- Wing planform tab added to the main screen. Not yet filled with life - that's where it will be possible to modify the wing planform.
- Additional option for the rib comb height added: "Leveled". If you select it, the comb will extend as far as building tabs PLUS the value you specify. The root/tip twist modification plus this modification should make it possible to align the combs belonging to different panels.
- Square spar: option "Adjustment" added. If you wish to make a spar narrower, you need to enter a negative value here.

1.3.0 ALPHA 11:

- "Align comb" implemented.
- Tab "Planform" in the main window now allowing to actually modify the ribs / planform.
- "Separate end width" ("Adjustment" from Alpha 10) re-worked to simplify the usage.
- Bug fix for round and cube spars of the length 0
- "Object snap" limited to an area of 8mm around the control point
- If "PDF Export" or "DXF Export" was called right after the first start of the program, the program erroneously reported that the test period is already exceeded.

1.3.0 ALPHA 12:

- Plane elements (spars, combs, etc.) are now showing correctly also for the non-trapezoid panels
- Bad positioning of the tool tip for dimension in inch upon maximizing the panel edit window fixed.
- Improved layouting of the rib combs in the DXF output
- Improved DXF output (box around the rips is now exported as POLYLINE)
- Cube spar: rotation can now also be specified as a decimal number

Due to a popular request, I have decided to move the support for elliptic planforms from the version 2.0, where it was originally foreseen, to the 1.x line. By doing so, this function will be released to the holders of the current license as an upgrade at no additional cost - as a small thank you to all early supporters! The roadmap on the web page was updated to reflect this decision. This delayed the 1.3.0 a bit, but I suppose it will be worthwile to wait for it. ;-)
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