Wing Helper 1.2.2 Released!

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Wing Helper 1.2.2 Released!

Post by alex.pozgaj » Sun 25. Sep 2016, 23:41

We are happy to announce that the Wing Helper 1.2.2 is officially released. Many thanks to all who contributed to this version by providing their valuable input during the beta test phase!

Version 1.2.2 can read the files created with older versions of Wing Helper. In the other direction, this will not always be possible: older versions can theoretically read the files created by 1.2.2 (or any newer version), but it is not guaranteed to work correctly, especially if you are using the new functionality. For that reason, we strongly suggest that you always store away your designs before overwriting them with a newer version. By doing so, you keep the option to step back to the previous Wing Helper version if you wish to.

As always, this version can be freely downloaded and installed. A virus scanner report can be found here. If you already have a valid Wing Helper license, this license will be valid for 1.2.2 as well. If you don't own a Wing Helper license yet, you will still be able to use the Wing Helper, however the DXF and PDF export will be disabled after the expiration of the test period, which is one week past the first installation of Wing Helper.

The list of new functions and improvements comprises the following items:

1.2.2 (bug-fix release)
  • Critical fix for the calculation of spar angles (see below for additional information)
  • The positioning of cuboid joiners is now consistent with other spars
  • Fix for a crash upon PDF or DXF export when a rib is malformed
  • Fix for a wrong "Invalid last rib position" error
  • Fix for "Automatic Spar Align" when the spar placement is defined from the trailing edge
  • Show 'Change History' dialog upon first start of a new version
In previous versions of Wing Helper, angle calculation for spars did not correctly consider the wing sweep. This error did not show in the 3D view, it was visible only in the PDF export (wing plan view). In addition to that, the position of cuboid joiners was relative to the beginning of the joiner (the point nearest to the leading edge) instead of the mid point, as with other spars. Starting with 1.2.2, both these errors are fixed. This means, that the spars in the wings defined with older versions of Wing Helper might now not be exactly in the angle you wanted them to be, and the cuboid joiners might have moved a bit. For that reason, please make sure to couble-check the positions and the angle of spars in your existing designs after moving to Wing Helper 1.2.2 (or newer).

1.2.1 (bug-fix release)
  • Rectangular spars are now also allowed to be just one rib "long". A nice side-effect: by correctly placing such 1-rib long spars, you can also create half-ribs (see picture on the Wing Helper home page)
  • Airfoil import improved (TABs are now also allowed as delimiters)
  • Non-critical error in placement of round spars fixed
  • Implementation of the rib comb
  • Automatic alignment of spars across multiple panels (also considering the dihedral angle)
  • 2D rib preview (can be detached and freely positioned on the screen in addition to the 3D view)
  • Filtering option for airfoils
  • Rib list can be detached and freely positioned on the screen
  • Free placement of building tabs within a panel (with preview)
  • Spar placement at the max. rib thickness
  • DXF output: now also containing rectangular spars
  • Presentation which panel is currently selected
  • Panels can now be moved up/down in the panel table
  • Panel edit dialog re-structured in order to better utilize small screens
  • Many bug fixes, small improvements and internal optimisations!
We wish you much fun with Wing Helper, and are looking forward to hearing from you!

Aleksandar Pozgaj
Aleksandar Pozgaj
Wing Helper e.U.

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