My first & Test wing

Want to show us your designs?
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My first & Test wing

Post by SekA_1448 » Mon 3. Jul 2017, 12:49

Bit complicated in shape as I wanted to give software a try.
So far i was able to design all the details that I would require for build the wing elements on CNC mill machine.

Can not tell how happy I am that i decided to purchase the license.
Software is really powerful.

Wing will serve me as a thermic soarer glider
Wingspan of about 3,5 meters.
it is not meant to fit any competition category but for enjoying winding morning and evening summer thermals.

I was surprised when I saw what the software exports into DXF file.
Wau. That is impressive.
Wing helper will save me ,many hours that would be required to define and draft all the wing elements beside wing ribs.
Big thumbs up for developer-s.

With best regards

Wellcome to my Twitter:

Albatros 2R V2 E.whf
(7.38 KiB) Downloaded 197 times
Albatros 2R V2 E.whf
(7.38 KiB) Downloaded 197 times
Wing helper 1.jpg
Wing helper 1.jpg (475.26 KiB) Viewed 2088 times

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Re: My first & Test wing

Post by alex.pozgaj » Tue 4. Jul 2017, 16:21

Hello Aleksander,

Nice wing! :)

Thank you for the nice words, I'm happy to hear that you like Wing Helper!

Best regards,

Aleksandar Pozgaj
Wing Helper e.U.

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