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Orao II vintage RC glider replica

Posted: Mon 13. May 2019, 21:36
by SekA_1448

maybe you will find this images interesting.

Project Vintage replica of the beautiful YU glider Orao II from 50 ties last century.
It is the one on the right from the attached picture.
Big bird had 19 meters wing span. Ideal for GPS competition RC model as well.
Left on the photo is Kosava double seater glider.

Wing plan was vectorised in AutoCad, exported as TIFF and used in WingHelper as immage underlay.
Wing ribs were easilly adapted to eliptical shape of the original wing.

Scale 1 : 3,5 Wingspan about 5,4 meters.
I plan to maximalise the use of Wing Helper great functions such as:
Combs for ribs alignment, Shipways and wing rib beds for wrap free wing assembly and ribs detailing.
Do I need to say how much I enjoy using WH Software?
My CNC hardly keeps up with all the new projects ;-)


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Re: Orao II vintage RC glider replica

Posted: Sun 16. Jun 2019, 15:59
by alex.pozgaj
Hello Seka,

thank you for your kind feedback on Wing Helper - I'm happy to hear you like it!

Best regards,


P.S.: sorry for the late reply, this forum has a very bad spam-to-content ratio, I sometimes overlook legitimate posts. :(