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You have something to say about Wing Helper? Improvement ideas? New functionality requests? Here is the right place for that!
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My ideas

Post by SekA_1448 » Mon 13. May 2019, 09:49

Dear Sirs,
may I present you some of my suggestions.

1 - Plane definition: ability to display both or just 1/2 of the wing. This would improve zooming onto detail region of the wing

2- Spars Ailerons and Cutters: Ad option to cut in front of the spar. This would enable us to add additional flap / aileron ribs

3- Construction - Shipways: Enable option to level out rib bedding to uniform height for all wing panels.

3A- Enable option to level out wing combs to uniform height for all wing panels.(great template for wing assembly !!!) Thank you for wing combs.

4- 3D DXF - to edit design in 3D modelling software (Atodesk Inventor...)

5- Wing front view in DXF exported file: To easily design panel joiner elements made of wood. Cutout at desired wing spar position (in front or in the
back of the spar)

6- Ability to Move UP/Down wing spars (reorganisation in the view)

7- Ability to turn Visibility ON/OFF of each individual wing spar - this would enable better overview of the wing design

8- Darken all the edges of Winghelper elements for easier recognition. Elements would stand up better.

9- Maybe prepare separate window for each View Preset. Zooming and Panning is tedious sometimes. Specially when working on the wing underside.
(Something like you find in Rhino 3D software)

10 - support for 3D Connection Space mouse (that would be njami...)

11- Spars Ailerons and Cutters: If you choose to switch spar definition from % -> mm and have option Separate end selected than both spar distances should change to the same setting (% or mm). Now the other remains at previous setting. Not a big deal but one has to be carefull.

12- Option to Undo: at least at changing spar definition / type. At least for the last 3 actions. After doing so one looses all previous spar definition inputs.

13- Ability to define font size (height) before DXF export (add settings).

At the end I have to thank you for all the effort that you have put into developing this magnificient software. I like to use it a lot as you may find out on my FB page.

With best regards


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