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Wing Helper is thoroughly tested in a 3 months beta test phase. The beta test team comprised 18 members from all over the world. We are confident, that the worst errors are found and repaired.

Nevertheless, if you find an error which went unnoticed so far, please let us know using the mail address or in our forum, stating:

1. The version of your operating system

2. What exactly did you do to trigger the error?

3. Please attach the WHF file which demonstrates the error.

4. In case you are using airfoils you imported or edited on your own, please also include those airfoils into the bug report.

We will react to your mail as soon as possible.

Having two different square spars meet at the same rib will most probably result in the following error:

spars meeting error


Please note that the error at the top of the rib looks different from the error at the bottom.

If you need to have two spars meet or overlap at the same rib, you can achieve it by making two (possibly half as thick) ribs out of the one where the spars meet or overlap, and move the start of the second spar to the newly created rib: 

spars meeting solution

The easiest way to do so is by means of the rib table context menu "Split rib in two", available since the version 1.0.1

One customer reported that his virus scanner falsely recognized the Wing Helper as a malware.

The virus scanner vendor confirmed that it was a "false positive" detection. They added the Wing Helper to the whitelist, and updated the virus signatures.

If you get the same issue, please make sure, that you have the latest signatures for your virus scanner installed.

If that doesn't help, please contact us as soon as possible with the name and the version of your virus scanner, and with the error message as reported by the software. We will resolve the issue as soon as possible!

The schedule for the version line 2.x is not yet defined. The list of functionalities foreseen for the 1.x line is long and it's growing steadily, therefore it is currently not possible to say when the development of the 2.x line is going to start.